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We would like to thank you so much for all your help. You were so friendly and helpful and explained everything so clearly. A pleasure to work with you - we couldn't have wished for a better service! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Mr and Mrs Brain

Professional service was excellent. Made to feel very welcome. Clear and simple explanations given verbally and followed up in writing. Every query answered and explained clearly. Excellent service in every aspect.

Mrs Hawkins

Very happy with the way Elaine handled everything and the way she listened to us with patience.

Mr and Mrs White

Excellent service, independent advice, flexible and value for money.

Mrs Franks

Consultations were conducted in a relaxed and unhurried manner. We were treated with the utmost courtesy and respect throughout � nothing was too much trouble. Your professionalism shone throughout. You were a breath of fresh air!

Mr and Mrs Turner

You went out of your way to visit us at home and help us with our problems. We cannot fault your service.

Mr and Mrs Roberts

Excellent, friendly and informative service in our house and with good written communication. Certain to recommend your services.

Mr and Mrs Lewis

Your service is highly professional, very responsive, competitively priced and 100% client focused. I will be certain to recommend you

Mr Cotgreave

It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet with you recently and I reiterate any thanks that my sister may have made regarding the help we have had with all of Mum�s affairs.

Mrs Anderson

We were so impressed with our first contact that we wanted to use you.

Mr and Mrs Goodwin

Very satisfied with the advice given and the helpful, professional and friendly consultations with no pressure whatsoever.

Mr Williams

Fees were discussed and agreed prior to Elaine undertaking the work so there were no hidden surprises afterwards! We were pleased with the service, convenience of appointments and explanations given to us and will be certain to recommend you.

Mr and Mrs Griffiths

A pleasant experience, even though planning our demise!

Mr and Mrs Bull

I found Elaine very helpful, informative and easy to talk to.

Mrs Boddy

The meeting was very friendly and informative. We don�t think the service could be improved.

Mr and Mrs Morris

You went over and above the call of duty with your advice. Thank you.

Mr Thomas

Your general manner and approachability made us very confident that our affairs would be dealt with efficiently.

Mr and Mrs Price

Friendly and pleasant manner.

Mr Purnell

It was logical, speedy and easy for the layman to understand.

Mr and Mrs Battle

Genuine willingness to be helpful. Professional, but with a kind, friendly approach. Thorough and prompt follow-up with letters of points discussed. Transparent and up-front about charges.

Mrs Phelps

Having been someone who has had to deal with an estate with no Will, I know how difficult it can be and I am always advising friends to complete their Wills. I will be heralding your professional approach.

Mr and Mrs Ayers

You simplified a difficult decision.

Mrs Evans

Both my parents died last year. It is a difficult time when one can be vulnerable and to find someone you can trust to help is important. Elaine professionally, compassionately and thoroughly handled all their affairs and gave excellent value. I would not hesitate to recommend Elaine.

Mr Bradley

Why make a will?

It’s important to make a Will so that when you die:

  • Your estate is shared out according to your wishes.
  • Your family is protected.
  • You avoid paying unnecessary tax on your estate.

If you die without making a Will, your money, property and possessions are distributed according to the rules of intestacy.  The beneficiaries are allocated your estate in a strict order, which may not be as you would have wanted. 

It can mean that your children are not protected and that your family is left with significant financial problems.  Not a great legacy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  At Advantage Legal, we can help you prepare a Will that accurately and clearly sets out your wishes.

Your personal circumstances will affect the things you should consider when making a Will.  For example:

Married Couples and Civil Partners 

If you die without making a will your spouse or partner will not automatically inherit all of your estate; any children you have could inherit a part. 

However, if you are in a second or a subsequent marriage and you don’t have a Will, it’s possible that children from a previous relationship could be left with nothing.

Cohabiting Couples 

Without a Will, cohabiting couples have no automatic rights of inheritance.

Person Separated from Spouse or Civil Partner 

A Will made during a marriage or civil partnership remains valid until the decree absolute is pronounced or the civil partnership is dissolved.

Parents of Children under 18 

If you have children under 18 you will need to arrange for their care in the event that both parents die.  You can appoint named guardians to care for the children and trustees to manage any trust you may leave them.  If you die intestate (without a Will) social services may become involved in arranging your children’s care.

Parents of Children with a Disability 

A Will that contains a trust is particularly important if you have a child with a disability.  You can use a trust to protect your child’s inheritance and prevent it being used solely for their future care.  This may also protect your child’s eligibility for welfare benefits.  Your appointed trustees will have the authority to use the trust in your child’s best interests, for example, specialist care, day-to-day expenses, treats and holidays.

Person with no Living Relatives 

If you have no immediate family, you can remember close friends, wider family members or perhaps your favourite charities in your Will.  If you don’t make a Will, your estate could end up going to the Treasury.

Business Owner 

If you own a business your Will can cover your business property as well as your personal estate.  It can ensure you make the most of any potential tax savings.  You can also use your Will to appoint someone to carry on running your business after your death.

Tax Planning 

The current threshold for inheritance tax for an individual is £325,000.  The value of your estate over this amount could be liable for tax at 40%.  But the right Will can ensure you make the most of any potential inheritance tax savings. 

Changes in your Circumstances 

If your circumstances change, for example, you get married, divorced, you have a child or you simply change your mind about how you want to leave your estate, you should change your Will immediately.  

Many people are superstitious about making a Will or consider it something that can be left until they’re older.  But if you die intestate, you may be putting your family at risk and adding to the problems they face at an already difficult time.

Whatever your situation, Advantage Legal will ensure you have a Will that protects your wishes and the future of the people you care for.

Advantage Legal : We’re here today for your tomorrow.

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